Please see the tabs below for information regarding our booking policies. Here you can find everything from cancellation policies, pricing, booking information, and much more! As always, if you are unsure of any of our policies and require more information please feel free to reach out to us by email at

1.Booking Information

To begin the process of booking we need you to send us the following information:  Like on your current passport

  • Names and Surname:
  • Current Passport number:
  • Date of birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Date tour:
  • WhatsApp number:

2.Payments Methods

Credit Cards 3% fees, PayPal 6% fees
To give you confidence and secure your spot, Machu Picchu USA accept payments through Credit cards and PayPal are the most common way to pay online.

3.Trip Itineraries are subject to change when forces of nature are involved etc.

The Salkantay treks are subject to itinerary changes based on a variety of circumstances and the Machu Picchu USA reserves the right to cancel or change any trip due to rivers, road, and weather conditions. We also reserve the right to cancel any trip due to client unsuitability because of age, ill health, poor fitness. Any missed tours due to the above-listed incidences (e.g weather conditions) cannot be refunded or recuperated. The price and duration of hiking trip will never change once you’re registered. And payments are not refundable for itinerary changes or public land closures. If a trip is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control a trip credit equal to the full amount paid will be issued.

4.Cancellation and refund policy

Machu Picchu USA reserves the right to cancel trips. Cancellations can be made 60 days before the start of the trek or trip with 100% of the total reservation will be refunded. After this date, no refunds are made. Such as Machu Picchu by Train, 5-Day Salkantay Treks, 4-Day Inca Trails.

5.Medical releases

We require all medical release/certification for prospective guests over 60 years of age and for various circumstances such as a history of cardiovascular disease, chronic illness, and other conditions and factors. Let us know at your reservations time if you consume any medication, pills or of any chronic illness to prevent any accident or emergency. If you have the first aid kit bring for the trail.

6.COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

To guarantee your health during your trip to Machupicchu, the Peruvian government and our company request to bring with you the proof of discard of (Covid-19). During your trip in Cusco, our company will enforce all biosafety protocols. You must carry the face mask with you during the whole tourist visit, keep at least a meter distance from other people, carry gel alcohol with you, wash your hand constantly, do not make payments with cash, buy food only in restaurants that comply with biosecurity protocols. At the end of your excursion our staff will measure your temperature to ensure that you do not have any symptoms.

7.How often departs to the Salkantay trek or other trips?

Our treks and trip leaves everyday. According to the new protocols of (Covid-19)  maximum 07 Participants and 01 Certified Tour Guide, we can depart even if you are couple, we can open new departure if we don’t have confirmed any groups.  We highly recommend Make your reservation months in advance like for the Salkantay Trekking, Inca Trails, Machupicchu by Train  from April to December ( Dry season). Machu Picchu by Train (Everyday of the Year)

8.How many days to Acclimate in Cusco? 

The short answer is at least two to three days.
But, this will vary greatly depending on your fitness level, typical altitude, and many other factors. Sure, there are hikers who arrive less than 24 hours before beginning the Inca Trail Hike, Salkantay Trek, Rainbow Mountain but that’s risky sometimes.